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Worthy of Your Prayer
TTBB, unaccompanied
Words by, Edgar Guest (1881-1959)

Edgar Guest immigrated to Detroit, Michigan, from Birmingham, England when he was ten years old. He started working at the Detroit Free Press as a copy boy and eventually worked his way up to have a job in the news department. His first poem was published in the paper in 1898. He worked for the paper for nearly sixty-five years. As a poet, he was known for his inspiration and optimistic poetry.

This sweet poem speaks of a father observing his daughter’s nightly prayers. Every evening she says a simple, “God bless Papa,” and it touches him deeply. Every day when he leaves he strives to be worthy of her heartfelt prayer.

This lyrical piece is written for an unaccompanied TTBB chorus with a very short tenor solo at the end. The piece runs at just over three minutes.

Run Time and Level

This piece runs around 3 minutes and 15 seconds. It was written for a collegiate level tenor/bass choir.

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