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Two Little Birds, solo                   Soprano, piano                                 Text by: Misty L. Dupuis

“Two Little Birds” speaks from a mother's standpoint of the bittersweet journey of seeing her children grow and become independent. It is a beautiful journey tinged with sadness as they slowly go out farther into the world and away from the mother's nest. This original version of the song was written for mother and two daughters to perform. This version has been arranged for a solo soprano.

Two little birds singing,
Their hearts so alive,
soon they will fly up out on their own,
I hope they keep singing.

Two little birds cuddled together,
Two little birds such peace in their sleep,
sweet dreams little birds for soon you'll be flying,
I hope they sill find peace.

Two little birds learning to trust,
Two little birds they stand on the edge
The smiles on their faces fills me with such joy!
I hope they keep smiling.

Two little birds flapping their wings,
Two little birds about to take flight,
Soon they will jump and then they will fly,
I hope they keep flying!