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Life Has Loveliness to Sell
SATB, piano, and flute
Words by, Sara Teasdale (1884-1933)

During the summer of 2016, a friend whom I had met at choir, passed away suddenly. Kathie Fliss was a beautiful person, and she had meant a lot to me. This piece was written in her honor for the choir for which we had both sung, the First Universalist Singers at the First Universalist Church of Denver. The choir's director, John Hubert, wanted the piece to be a celebration of her life.

She believed in basking in the beauty of life. When I read “Barter,” by Sara Teasdale, I felt that it would be the right poem to represent her zest for life, and John agreed. Saying goodbye is always hard, and I do think a bit of melancholy may have crept into the composition, but I hope it also represents a joy for life.

Run Time and Level

This piece runs at about 4 minutes and 20 seconds. It was written for High School or Community choir.

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Photo by Trevor Cole on Unsplash