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I Wonder
SSAA with soprano solo, unaccompanied
Words by Misty L. Dupuis, Gene Roberts

“I Wonder” was inspired by an interaction that happened while I was an undergraduate. While a music student at Metropolitan State University of Denver, I had the privilege of studying voice with Professor Gene Roberts. He kept pushing me by telling me that he knew I had a big voice inside, and he could not understand why I kept singing with such a timid voice. After one particularly frustrating lesson, he looked at me and said, “I wonder whoever told you that you could not use your voice?” I was incredibly flustered, made a hurried exit, and then secluded myself in a practice room, and cried. It was a turning point not only in my lessons but in my studies at the university as well. I am grateful to Professor Roberts for his mentoring and his friendship. This piece is an expansion of the thought that Professor Roberts put in my head that day. This piece was written specifically for women's voices because so many young women are kept from using their voices. The words were empowering for me, and I wanted to share that tool for empowerment to other women.

Run Time and Level

This piece runs at about 2 minutes and 50 seconds. It was written for High School or Collegiate choirs.

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