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Fly Amelia!
SATB, unaccompanied
Words by, Amelia Earhart (1897-1939)

Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic when she completed the flight in 1928. She was a suffragist and became the first woman to attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Unfortunately, her plane disappeared on July 2, 1937. She was declared dead in absentia on January 5, 1939. Her story has been a source of intrigue for generations and many conspiracy theories have sprung up around her disappearance. A piece of Earhart's Lockheed Electra engine was recovered many years later.

Earhart was and still continues to be an inspiration to aspiring women aviators. She is also celebrated as a feminist icon. 

Run Time and Level

This piece runs at about 3 minutes and 40 seconds. It was written to be at a high school level, but an auditioned middle school choir might also be able to perform it.

Audio Sample

Photo by Vinícius Henrique on Unsplash