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Can I Get a Reply?
SATB, piano, and electric guitar
Words by, Nata B. Guerrero

In the Spring of 2015, I was very moved when about 600 students from Overland High School took a stand for social justice. I wanted to dedicate a piece to them, but I had trouble finding the right text. The second I read Nata B. Guerrero's poem, "Can I Get a Reply?" I knew it was perfect. Luckily, she agreed to allow me to use her work.

Nata B. Guerrero is a “re-born” poet who recently started writing again in September of 2014. It is unclear why she began writing again and what reignited her internal flame. She is passionate about the connection that people have with each other and the responsibility of that connection. Many of her writings are about the challenges life can bring and how many share those same experiences and revelations. Through her writings, she hopes to inspire a new generation of poets.

Nata began her undergraduate studies at the University of Northern Colorado and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Management with a Minor in Holistic Health from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Nata also attended Antoine Du Chez where she acquired an Esthetician License. In addition to poetry and other interests, Nata has worked in Mental Health for 20 years and has always had the desire to help others. That passion is what motivates her to continue working in Mental Health and to keep writing and inspiring others. Nata (born Bernadette Guerrero) grew up in Denver Colorado. She was adopted by her parents as a newborn. She continues to reside in the foothills of Colorado where she enjoys the outdoors, the music scene, and fashion.

Run Time and Level

This piece runs at about 4 minutes and 5 seconds. This was written for a High School ensemble.

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