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Beautiful Things
SA, piano, soprano solo
Words by, Ellen P. Allerton (1835-1893)

Ellen P. Allerton (1835-1893) was an American poet and school teacher. She is best known for her poem, “Beautiful Things.” The last seven lines of the poem are engraved on her gravestone.

I wanted to write a piece for a beginning middle school treble choir, but I wanted the poetry to be meaningful. I am passionate about writing work of substance for young people to sing. 

This setting seeks to capture the beautiful, lilting quality of Allerton's writing.

The piece is for soprano and alto voices with a soprano solo. The alto range is from F3 to C5. The soprano range is from C4 to F5. The range and difficulty level make this piece suitable for younger voices.

Run Time and Level

This piece run at about 3 minutes and 45 seconds. This piece was written for beginning Middle School choir.

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