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A Windy Day
SA (with minimal divisi), piano and flute
Words by, Anne Brontë (1820-1849)

Anne Brontë (1820-1849) was an English writer and poet. This poem was completed in December 1842 and published in 1846. Written after a winter walk in the woods, Brontë's love of wild weather is evident in its lines.

This choral piece was written for the Aria Singers in Boulder, Colorado. Between its occasional high winds, spring rainstorms, and snowy days, Boulder sees its own share of wild weather.

Being someone who also finds solitude and comfort in nature, this text spoke to me. The quintuplets are meant to mimic the wind. The piece is for two part treble chorus with minimal divisi.

Run Time and Level

This piece runs at about 4 minutes. It was written for a Middle School and High School ensemble.

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